A relatively interesting week

13 Jan

Today’s weather really sucks and the AC is on overdrive in the freaking studio not to mention some idiot pastor called in and said the word poo-poo live on the air – I mean who does that? worse still which idiot broadcaster allows that stuff to go live on the air!!! Ok morning vent over- at least i managed to look up some interesting looks online that i wanted to share as our inspiration to be fearless and look good while we go about achieving all of our goals!!!! My nails and hair reallllly need saving so I’m planning a visit to Suqa later and this weekend is looking treacherous!! i have:
1- Lunch on Friday
2- Bantu party Friday evening at the pyramids
3- A wedding on Saturday
4- A birthday party Saturday evening
5- A photo shoot on Sunday
and of course gotta look fab at everything so expect pictures- and we can all decide on yay or nay!
On to today’s inspiration?!

credit to peoplestylewatch
I adore the leopard booties and sooo craving a pair – i think Janet pulled it off best here

3 ways to rock leopard booties

and for the guys- this weekend keep it so fresh and so clean!

So fresh..so clean

and of course !! the two tone brogue- ama hunt for this one and tell you where to get it in UG if at all! and if that fails – well you can nicely ask someone in the US!

clownish you say?

Song of the day today: No hands- Roscoe dash
Business tip – Persistence and sheer will – when you feel nothing’s giving – that’s when your breakthrough is upon you! I’ve been feeling like i’m trying really hard and its not going fast enough lately! but yesterday i read something along the lines above and it helped- hope it can help you today!



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