2 Feb

Went swimming over the last weekend and it was loads of fun….
Took some really nice pictures – thought I’d share a few ….

I remember when we were younger we used to play a game- we’d grab a pen and paper and just write – write the first thing that popped into your head – it was fun! and usually the results rarely made sense
so I’m going to try that again!

I put pen to paper because I want to get them out – It’s overpopulated in here
and it makes me want to scream sometimes
why don’t they understand that it’s hard to be me?
I’m looking at a red wall thinking is that a good colour?
its the colour of blood …theres a lot of blood in this room;
its everywhere….
She’s covering her face- why is she covering her face? –
isn’t it hard to breathe through that heavy cloth?
she has no idea that I’m writing about her- how strange –
you have no idea when someone is writing about you;
thinking about you, hating you, planning to steal from you
– or worse; it’s actually quite strange –
he asked me for a compliment!
oh he didn’t know he was asking for one but he was
he needs it, he’s been feeling a bit irrelevant lately
like frozen chocolate – useless
It’s really hot outside- I can tell
but my legs feel cold- and the soles of my feet could use a hug
but then i mustn’t let my mind wander too long – because it enjoys it too much……



2 Responses to “THE DEEP END”

  1. nancie February 7, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    you had an under water camera? jealous! these are some awesome pics though!!

  2. Seanice February 9, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    yes! the under-water camera was sooo fun 🙂

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