24 Feb

Next to a certain appendage and a certain furry animal; apparently a man and his watch are best friends, rarely parted and it says a whole lot about his character!
Women can accessorize with a whole bunch of things from shoes to bags to hair clips to brooches….. oh! the list is endless – however because mens’ accessories are somewhat limited to cuff links, briefcases and watches you got to make ’em count!
So for my fine brothers allow me share the new trend ………
Much like Indie rock music – Its about breaking away from the mould – sitting at a board meeting and being the only guy there with your brand of watch- It’s about saying Audemars Piguet, Breitling? Rolex? Casio, Swatch so what?? I’m different and discerning!
so pay attention here’s some names to look out for next time and show your fashion forward for 2011

Let’s start with D.M.H. from the Netherlands. D.M.H. is a one-man show founded by Fred Dingemans, who produces about 12 timepieces per year. The buyer of a D.M.H. timepiece chooses the model, dial and type of hands he likes best. D.M.H. manufactures the watchcase using vintage machinery that has been restored by Fred himself. Also, all paintwork is done based on requirements of the customer.

Price? starting at around $1,750 for a handmade watch customized to your requirements.

Ateliers deMonaco
This small watch manufacturer is located in Monaco, hence its name. His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Monaco is an owner of an Ateliers deMonaco timepiece, and the maker’s watches were even credited for their design by legendary watch designer Gérald Genta (Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak).

The fountains of the Casino Gardens in Monaco inspired Ateliers deMonaco’s Ronde d’Or watch. The movement has been made partly visible through the opening at the lower part of the dial.

This next one is just extravagance!
Christiaan van der Klaauw

The Planetarium watch is one of the most admired timepieces by collectors. It is equipped with the smallest planetarium in the world and demonstrates the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn around the Sun. It also shows the time on earth. Price of the Planetarium timepiece starts at approximately $22,300 (stainless steel). WHAAAAAT?!

Côme de Valbray (30 YEARS OLD!) and Olga Corsini (31) are the young owners of this independent watch company from Lausanne, Switzerland.
What makes this watch so special is the shutter in the dial that transforms the watch from a sporty-looking chronograph to a classy-looking one with only hour, minute and chronograph second hands. By turning the bezel, the shutter (as the one in the lens of your digital SLR camera) either opens or closes. Prices start at approximately $11,000. (AGAIN – SHOOOOOT!)

Well now you know! ladies pick up a clue or two so you can impress that man in your life and if you don’t wear watches – its still good fun to know! Just the other day I argued with a boyfriend of mine about wearing a Casio pathfinder with a shirt and tie or suit

Casio Pathfinder

– this should NEVER EVER BE DONE !! I have just seen some dude walk by doing this – come on guys!

Men's Vintage Casio- Plastic

This though??? Hot !!! and shows Individuality!! Oh the duality of fashion! To pair a nice plastic vintage watch with a ridiculously expensive but exceptionally tailored savile row suit ?- you will have won me over!
have a great day and keep time!
Pics via- Askmen.com



  1. Kharumwa February 24, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    LOL roll on the floor.. in stitches… plastic… Hmmmmmmmmm

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