19 Apr

Yesterday on Sanyu Breakfast we discussed Abortion and the fact that despite it being made illegal it is still very much legal in Uganda – this is to say it is rampant and happening despite the law
of course the ensuing debate then degenerated into whether or not it is right or wrong/ should it be illegal or not – this morning we had totally moved on to other arguments (something about ‘is a government ever justified to shut down social medial like face book in the name of national security) to curb civil uprisings etc.. anyway that distracted me from yesterday’s topic- but this morning I found a response to the debate sent me by Lisa and it was really a good read – I submit to you Lisa R. ‘s opinion on Abortion
The show is now finished but I still had to comment on this particular issue. In countries where there is an extensive social safety net and extensive education in schools etc then the issue of the illegality of abortion is an entirely different discussion that the one you guys had this morning. In some societies where birth mortality rates are low, access to medical care is universal, and general social infrastructure is in place to support both mother and child, a woman/girl who becomes pregnant as a result of rape, defilement, incest etc then there are systems in place to support the declaration of illegality of abortion. In those instances a child has a good chance of being adopted, provided for by social infrastructure and mothers, particularly victims of rape etc have access to post trauma care etc they can afford to declare abortion illegal.

However in Uganda the reality is very different. Where culture, morals and traditions converge in law but are not supported in social infrastructure there is no way that an absolute position of ‘right and wrong’ can be taken. I’m not making a pronouncement on whether abortion is right or wrong, but the SOLE point I wanted to make is that all these declarations of right/wrong traditional African values, NEED to be backed up by some kind of infrastructure. Until or unless that is there, the debate is merely superficial and a bit indulgent really.

Long after people stop shouting about their positions on what other people should do and go home to their middle class lives away from the stark reality of the vast majority of people around them, women are still dying in delivery rooms because of a lack of access to quality medical care, children are still being abandoned by starving parents who can’t even provide for themselves, women are still struggling to find food to eat or jobs to support themselves, people, yes including campus students, are still battling the wars in their own minds of tradition versus modern education and making poor choices as a result of that conflict. So, make abortion illegal, if you want, but in so doing, make sure that you have the safety net to support these mothers and children. That too is a moralistic obligation.


3 Responses to “MUSINGS…”

  1. Shivachi April 19, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Sean, we’ve missed your posts. Maybe you’ve been too busy. Great to have you back, you goddess of radio

  2. Liz April 20, 2011 at 5:35 pm #

    Well said Seanice.

    Great fashion at the top there….

  3. Liz April 20, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    Well said.

    Great fashion at the top!

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