5 hot 5 NOT! From the Emmys!!

20 Sep

Ahhh the Emmy’s!! so much fodder – wading through the pictures online I picked out my 5 Hot and 5 not! Although there really were no great hits this year! See if you agree?!

Kerry Washington - loving the red, simple and classy

Aubrey from Parks&Recreation - clean and beautiful

Joel Mchale - now that's a great fit!

Sofia Vergara looked delectable, the shape and color work for her

The Jury had mixed feelings on Katie but i think the color was amazing as was the simplicity of this beautiful dress, complimented by the no fuss hair

I adore Allan Cumming but this? Is a miscarriage of taste

All hail the mushroom! Come on Heidi 😦

From the 'good wife' to the frumpy wife- what is this steel looking mummification style contraption

When bad clothes happen to good people a la Gwyneth

Amy Poehler from parks & recreation shows us what lazy fashion looks like


2 Responses to “5 hot 5 NOT! From the Emmys!!”

  1. Rhona Em September 25, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    Oh dear, what were the ‘not’s thinking? Ah, ah what were Alan and Heidi thinking? Jeez!

  2. Mel September 30, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    Sofia Vergara looked AMAZING I was with the Jury on the earrings they were so misplaced.
    Allan Cumming probably wore those pants in memory of MJ’s Pajamas in the court house date. yiiikes
    Katie Holmes I loved the color of the dress but I think she should have done more with the hair the dress was so simple it need help.
    LOL @ When bad clothes happen to good people a la Gwyneth

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