21 Dec


New beginnings, a new year – the past has become and you are looking for a new start- its been 365 days, it’s been 12 months, 48 weeks- but what is this concept of time ?

The passage of seasons? The sun rising and setting and leaves being shed?
Winter setting in – or experiencing a wet and then a dry period?

So very strange this idea of time that we should measure our lives in terms of the ticking seconds on a clock..
That sometimes you feel like you have lived through four decades but society tells you no – in our time you are twenty-nine.

I think I am going to change all that – I am going to live the next installment of my life in experiences – so the next person who walks up to me and wants to know my age?
I will simply say – ‘why I am 5,678,987 experiences old! and I keep gathering more!’
– so my aim is to stretch myself like I have never been stretched before – to challenge myself like I’m in this race against myself, yes even occasionally to lose myself but find myself- to stop letting all the conventional ways and titles of he world define me and bind me to convention – release the shackles of mundane thinking and base expectations, of mediocre living and hard feelings – to be a source of happiness for others which is truly the only way that I will find happiness and contentment and to un-learn all the fears that others have projected upon me!
Fear of the passage of time, fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, fear of rejection and heartbreak.

It is; if you will, a return to an age of innocence of sort – for I doubt that at the age of 10 or less experiences (what the world would call a baby) you had any fears at all!

So as the year comes to a close and you begin to make those new years resolutions – mine is as simple or as complex as to formulate my own concept of the passage of that simple construct – TIME.


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