16 Jul

I’m forcing myself to leave my blogging funk because its been over a month and that is NOT funny! 😦

Did an impromptu shoot only for the pictures to disappear when some thug stole the bag in which the memory card with the pictures was contained!!! aaarggggh!

Work has been merciless.. but it’s all good- there is a lot going on with SUQA and our latest foray into making our own natural hair product (I am SUPER excited about this!) Blu flamingo has just made about 3 new partnerships keeping us busy as bees and we have events all over the continent to attend to with my other company- and a few innovations cooking 🙂

It got so busy that I had to give up my PD job at the radio station – because I just could not handle it but believe it or not – it’s gotten even busier – jeez. However all will be well I am sure, as a friend once said to me if it’s not ok then its not the end- because in the end everything will be ok!

To de-stress from all the work and running around the family and I traveled to Mombasa to unwind …..

Here’s my sister wind surfing…


And here’s her fiance defying gravity:)


then she retaliates- (this could go on for a while!)


Mabeste!! Me and a great friend -Franco


hitting the beach!


the gang!


then we went snorkelling!  and this guy puts bread in his mouth for fish to eat- kinda gross!!


had awesome pictures from the water park! boy were those rides insane!!! That’s for the next update!!







2 Responses to “MOMBASA RAHA!!”

  1. Juanitah July 18, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Wow… you surely had a blast! And the pics are totally awesome!!!

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