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30 Mar

Franca Sozzani -Editor in Chief Vogue Italia visited Uganda last week – I received an exclusive invite to Mr.Charles Mbire’s house where Xenson and Santa Anzo showcased a few designs for us !
Pics below 🙂

Xenson Kicked it off with some man magic! loved that man bag!

Another Xenson creation - not for dinner parties though (might prove hard to sit!)

Colors I wasn't so crazy about - but loove the pants !

The model's backstage - all denim and what!

Santa Anzo - no pun intended went with 'Santa Claus' colors!! Red and white featuring prominently in her collection

Quite liked the attention to detail and the belt! - Santa Anzo's collection

loved this dress !

At our table - chatting with Joram (fashion guru!) and Simona one of my best friends!

Franca Sozzani -Editor in Chief Vogue Italia with the host Mr. Charles Mbire



1 Mar

One reason its been hard to blog lately is perhaps the fact that alongside the Sanyu morning show, Being PD, traveling for work, running 2 businesses and being heavily involved in organization on the creative team at my church- I was also involved in a Play/Production at the Uganda National Theater..When i re-read what I’ve just written i feel like taking 2 aspirin and going to bed!!

I am an old student of NAMASAGALI COLLEGE Uganda renowned for putting up annual dance/drama shows at the national theatre in our heyday and this was a reunion of sorts.

Nonetheless I must say accepting a lead role in the play; committing to rehearsal for 2 months and seeing it through is rewarding in ways mere words cannot describe

I have gone back to my school days, doing splits, crazy airlifts, being aware of every inch of my body, aches, bruises,

He lives in me- dance

The camaraderie with the rest of the cast and dancers has been so rewarding for my soul that I cannot begin to thank God and the script writers for giving me this outlet to express myself!

Dancing with Julio

it was like falling in love, making a baby and then watching that baby become a person walk down the aisle and become a success in a chosen field.

Diana Ross- It's my house- Morning Dance!

The Play was about a Rich South African entrepreneur returning to his house in Uganda that his trusty servant George turns into a Hotel while he is away- his unexpected return causes hilarious Chaos and he meets Mme. Marchmont a dance teacher who tries to seduce him

Mme. Marchmont! and Mr. Dlamini

Argentine TANGO our version!

Choreographed by Sam Ibanda the Argentine Tango was my favourite!

but he has returned for his one true love- Maria whom he ignored for 5 years! Sadly she is engaged to One Lord Blenkinsop! (we called him lord bathing soap backstage for fun!! lol!)

Mr. Dlamini, Ms Marchmont and the sly hotel Manager George

Does Mr. Dlamini get Maria in the end? You needed to watch to know –

Ms. Marchmont and George - opening scenes!

Oh i was the Dance teacher/ Seducer..naturally! LOL!

With Ms. Maria's Fiance


21 Feb


Thanks suqa! I liked going short again!
sunglasses cheap from mr.price
Vintage teardrop earrings

Blu saturdays!

21 Feb


Love this blu dress I stole from my sisters wardrobe!
Wore it on saturday…


12 Nov

In a casual mood so i threw on some gaucho pants, gladiators a vest and some funky earrings
check it out – i think the key for a look like this is one statement piece then keep the jewellry simple!

Vest- clothes market, pants gaucho mr Price, sandals- Paris flea market!


19 Aug

Martin experimenting with faux tears!

Playing with shadows

FEATURE: Jacket by Ugandan Ras Kasozi
Photography &Editing: Martin Kharumwa


6 Jul

Jacket- Ras Kasozi, Skirt - RT, Shoes- Aldo

ear-rings Tunu Collexion- NBI


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