16 Jul

I’m forcing myself to leave my blogging funk because its been over a month and that is NOT funny! 😦

Did an impromptu shoot only for the pictures to disappear when some thug stole the bag in which the memory card with the pictures was contained!!! aaarggggh!

Work has been merciless.. but it’s all good- there is a lot going on with SUQA and our latest foray into making our own natural hair product (I am SUPER excited about this!) Blu flamingo has just made about 3 new partnerships keeping us busy as bees and we have events all over the continent to attend to with my other company- and a few innovations cooking 🙂

It got so busy that I had to give up my PD job at the radio station – because I just could not handle it but believe it or not – it’s gotten even busier – jeez. However all will be well I am sure, as a friend once said to me if it’s not ok then its not the end- because in the end everything will be ok!

To de-stress from all the work and running around the family and I traveled to Mombasa to unwind …..

Here’s my sister wind surfing…


And here’s her fiance defying gravity:)


then she retaliates- (this could go on for a while!)


Mabeste!! Me and a great friend -Franco


hitting the beach!


the gang!


then we went snorkelling!  and this guy puts bread in his mouth for fish to eat- kinda gross!!


had awesome pictures from the water park! boy were those rides insane!!! That’s for the next update!!








17 May

Firstly I am ashamed that I have not blogged once in the month of April and that we are in Mid May!! OMG

But the last month has been full of blessings – Work has doubled, amazing opportunities to partner have shown up and so have more Clients at ‘Blu Flamingo’ the digital advertising agency I co-own. As a result it takes time to put things in place and increase on capacity – (read human resource) but I am happy to report Progress! 

Anyway – I’m trying out a challenge where i take a photo every single day of what I’m wearing no matter if my hair os natty that day or if i got dressed in a hurry! phew tough project so wish me luck! itll be a miracle to just start!

But today my inspiration is Jada Pinkett- did not realise she was such a kick ass fashionista!



Loving those shorts and that jacket is tres chic- the shoes are surprising and she nailed it!


you can barely make her out in this- but i love the yellow pants and bright color combo!!

In other news- WTF??

Aishwarya Rai Has put on weight and they are suggesting in Bollywood that this is treason!!!????

Commentators have been unkind, lambasting the star for letting her fans down.

Many have gone a step further, suggesting the star has a ‘duty’ to her fans to regain her pre-pregnancy figure.

One website posted a video of the star looking less than her usual svelte self, flicking between photographs of her pre-birth, and photos now.

It has opened up a debate in the country, and beyond, about the attitudes held towards women in the public eye.

I think they should give her a flippin break – but she has put on a shocking amount of weight 😦





30 Mar

Franca Sozzani -Editor in Chief Vogue Italia visited Uganda last week – I received an exclusive invite to Mr.Charles Mbire’s house where Xenson and Santa Anzo showcased a few designs for us !
Pics below 🙂

Xenson Kicked it off with some man magic! loved that man bag!

Another Xenson creation - not for dinner parties though (might prove hard to sit!)

Colors I wasn't so crazy about - but loove the pants !

The model's backstage - all denim and what!

Santa Anzo - no pun intended went with 'Santa Claus' colors!! Red and white featuring prominently in her collection

Quite liked the attention to detail and the belt! - Santa Anzo's collection

loved this dress !

At our table - chatting with Joram (fashion guru!) and Simona one of my best friends!

Franca Sozzani -Editor in Chief Vogue Italia with the host Mr. Charles Mbire


29 Mar

Question is would you!

Hollywood seems to have embraced floral pants- don’t know if you will see me in these anytime soon!



19 Mar

Good Monday Morning – Hope you are all well today!!! Still in my blogging funk- lol 🙂
Thanks to US magazine… this new trend!
“Greige” Nails

The latest nail polish color is a mix of many. A hit at New York City’s Fashion Week, “greige” — a combo of taupe, light lavender and putty gray — is now taking Hollwyood. Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest star to opt for neutral fingers.

Greige nails a la Gwyneth

Greige nails a la Gwyneth

and following some of Rihanna’s more WEIRD Fashion choices!

Would you?

Ok then- and whats with it being "Hammertime!"

but this? No!


7 Mar

Also I do like Sauti Sol!!


1 Mar

One reason its been hard to blog lately is perhaps the fact that alongside the Sanyu morning show, Being PD, traveling for work, running 2 businesses and being heavily involved in organization on the creative team at my church- I was also involved in a Play/Production at the Uganda National Theater..When i re-read what I’ve just written i feel like taking 2 aspirin and going to bed!!

I am an old student of NAMASAGALI COLLEGE Uganda renowned for putting up annual dance/drama shows at the national theatre in our heyday and this was a reunion of sorts.

Nonetheless I must say accepting a lead role in the play; committing to rehearsal for 2 months and seeing it through is rewarding in ways mere words cannot describe

I have gone back to my school days, doing splits, crazy airlifts, being aware of every inch of my body, aches, bruises,

He lives in me- dance

The camaraderie with the rest of the cast and dancers has been so rewarding for my soul that I cannot begin to thank God and the script writers for giving me this outlet to express myself!

Dancing with Julio

it was like falling in love, making a baby and then watching that baby become a person walk down the aisle and become a success in a chosen field.

Diana Ross- It's my house- Morning Dance!

The Play was about a Rich South African entrepreneur returning to his house in Uganda that his trusty servant George turns into a Hotel while he is away- his unexpected return causes hilarious Chaos and he meets Mme. Marchmont a dance teacher who tries to seduce him

Mme. Marchmont! and Mr. Dlamini

Argentine TANGO our version!

Choreographed by Sam Ibanda the Argentine Tango was my favourite!

but he has returned for his one true love- Maria whom he ignored for 5 years! Sadly she is engaged to One Lord Blenkinsop! (we called him lord bathing soap backstage for fun!! lol!)

Mr. Dlamini, Ms Marchmont and the sly hotel Manager George

Does Mr. Dlamini get Maria in the end? You needed to watch to know –

Ms. Marchmont and George - opening scenes!

Oh i was the Dance teacher/ Seducer..naturally! LOL!

With Ms. Maria's Fiance

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