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17 Sep

I have really got to improve my game in the blog updates area- I cannot believe it’s been over a month, and this after I vowed never to become one of those bloggers that starts off really well then drops off to one blog post every 3 months! 

Where to begin!

So much has happened and is still happening – most recently I was on the panel at gUganda – the annual Google event


and privileged to be part of another event on the 20th 


Work has been ever so productive and busy and I am learning that the busier I get the better I have to become at delegating – because what people don’t tell you about delegation is that there is a method to it! No sense in requesting someone to do something who doesn’t have the skills or the tools, right? You would think that would be common sense – but NO, when you go through it, is when you learn – It’s easy for us to tell people to delegate but a lot harder to understand what really needs to go on for us to delegate efficiently!  

This morning I wished to share with you a few tips on HOW to delegate

1- Ensure that the person has the technical skills to do the Job you wish them to do- i.e can they use the software lets say Tally if it’s an accountant and do they have a natural affinity for numbers? You will get better results if the person’s likes are aligned with what the Job demands.

2 – Be SPECIFIC about the goals you need them to achieve, in what amount of time and HOW you will measure their performance and WHEN.

3- Ensure when you are briefing them they have PEN and PAPER and can repeat what you have asked them to do clearly. Too often the people you supervise are afraid of YOU or looking dumb, so will just nod and go along with what you say even if they do not fully comprehend what you are requesting of them.

4- Finally – assess their performance regularly and give them feed back! It can be tempting to delegate and say go forth – thou art loosed on the world! 

In summary if Delegation seems like work! Yes it is but that’s in the initial period – If you do a good job with the foundation you will soon need to do less and less assessment and checking up!

Good luck 



17 Nov

While seeking out my morning dose of inspiration, I came across a great article by Mike Myatt on Forbes that I think would be a good refresher for those of us that find ourselves in a position to lead, I always wonder why so many times I seldom hear good things about bosses- male or female and the sentence ‘leadership is broken’ made sense…
As an entrepreneur I have approached my companies in a very unconventional manner! I do not allow people to call me boss; i have colleagues not employees and I am transparent about all business operations and finances.
Of course this is easy to do when you have 12 employees in one company and under 20 in another but I really do think we need to breed a new kind of leader…anyway below i share with you from forbes.com some of the principles the writer Mike Myatt put forward that a great leader needs to have in order to enlist the help of others- after all no man is an island,

1- Don’t be a jerk: While people don’t necessarily have to like you in order to help you, it certainly doesn’t hurt. However I can promise you that if you’re perceived as a jerk people will not only go out of their way not to help you succeed, but they will do everything possible to impede your success. I have long been a believer that contrary to popular opinion, nice guys (and gals) do in fact finish first.

2- Give credit where credit is due: Smart leaders understand there is far more to be gained by giving away credit than by retaining it. The best leaders don’t seek credit – they seek results. They understand the force multiplier that comes via a motivated team effort.

3- Go out of your way to help others: Do unto others – what goes around comes around – you reap what you sow, and any number of other statements to that effect ring true more often than not. If you are sincerely interested in helping others, and make it a habit to go out of your way to do so, then those people will likely be inclined to reciprocate.

4- Know what you want and focus your efforts to that end: You must develop a clear picture of what it is that you want to accomplish, and then apply laser-like focus in the pursuit of your goals.

5- Make your goals known to those that can help you: It is not only important to communicate your vision to those in a position to help you succeed, but always make sure and ask for their help. Don’t be bashful or embarrassed, but rather confidently recruit others to become enablers and evangelists of your cause. You need to believe that one of your top priorities is team building, and consistently seek out greater numbers of people to champion your cause and scale your efforts.

until next time


12 Aug

You can’t operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing.
Steve Ross

Every day without fail at about 7am -I look for inspiration, that’s right…. I actually LOOK for it, most of us seem to believe we shall stumble upon it or if it’s meant to come; it will- I don’t want to leave my inspiration to chance when I know how important it is to keep myself motivated… – It could be a quote, a few quiet minutes looking at the sky – if i could take a walk i would!

Today I found Mr. Ross very encouraging, So who is Mr. Ross?? Wikipedia says ‘He became the CEO, president and chairman of Warner Communications in 1972. Under Mr. Ross’ leadership, Warner Communications grew from a troubled movie studio into a huge entertainment business.
Steven Ross can be considered a man ahead of his time. Ross moved before many of his competitors to bet heavily on the worldwide potential of cable television, records, videos and other experiments. Some of his ideas were successful and others failed but he definitely influenced the development of media and entertainment with his ideas. “If you’re not a risk-taker,” he once said, “you should get the hell out of business’

of course we’ve all heard the line or something similar, business is not for the faint hearted, if you can’t stand the heat etc… but as I go along I realize some staples.
1- Business when your passionate about it can be very lonely
2- If your in it just to make money it’s doubly hard – so engage in things you are passionate about – it makes living in a house not up to your dreams and going from driving German to Japanese bearable!?
3 – Do it if you Know that even if it flops miserably you would still do it again in a heartbeat!
4 – Even if there were EASIER, FASTER ways to make money you would still choose the business venture you chose
5- It’s not about how educated, savvy, street-smart or connected you are – sure, these things help… but ULTIMATELY it’s down to how resilient you are – really it’s a question of how long can you ‘hang’ in there- and here I was thinking the battle belonged to the smart and the strong! Don’t be fooled 🙂

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